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01.Helping widows and needy & make them self-dependent.
02.Help in arranging marriage of girls & boys through Marriage Buro.
03.Running Library at Mathurvaishya Hostel Agra.
04.Establishing Mahila Shilp Kala Kendra and Industries.
05.Solving post marriage problems.
06.Awarding scholarships for higher education.
07.Implementation of welfare schemes through Mahila Mandals.
08.Removing maligns in the community and bring them together.
09.Arranging Adhyatmic fuctions.for the benefit of the people.
10.Helping handicapped and arranging employment for them.
11.Time to time arranging Samuhik Vivah ceremonies.
12.Establishing Nagarik Co-operative Bank at Agra.and other place.
13.Construction of Social homes for general public use and Schools.
14.Bound whole society through Mathurvaishya Darpan patrika.
15.Giving Scholarships to Students.
16.Establishing computer institutes in measure cities.
17.Creation of devotion and duty through Sevadals.
18.Arranging coaching for competitions.
19.To advertise the activities of Mathurvaishya Samaj through Electonic/information media.
20.Solving any other social problem placed before Mahasabha.